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                    Company Profile

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                    With strong support from the major shareholder China Minsheng Bank, Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd, (hereinafter referred to as “the Company) with registered capital of 5.095 billion Yuan at present , was established in April 2008 and is one of the first five banking financial leasing companies upon the approval of China Banking Regulatory Commission.

                    As of the end of 2018, the total assets of the Company reached over 180 billion Yuan with accumulative business input of more than 42.8 billion Yuan, accumulative net profit over 10 billion Yuan and tax payment of more than 6.9 billion Yuan. As one of the handful domestic finance leasing companies with assets size over 100 billion Yuan, the Company always ranks among the best in the aspects of asset size and profitability in the industry, including nearly 300 aircraft and more than 330 ships, which is the largest corporate aircraft leasing company in Asia and the leading ship leasing company in China. At present, the business of the Company covers a number of fields such as corporate aircraft, commercial aircraft, ships, marine engineering equipment,logistics, energy equipment, energy saving & environmental protection, medical equipment, vehicles and construction machinery, electronic information etc, with constantly optimal asset structure and more effective risk control.

                    The gradual perfection of corporate governance structure and internal management mechanism makes the Company stand at the leading level of the industry in the aspects of business innovation and personnel training etc. Based on the high-quality customer service, sound operation and management, as well as good business performance, the Company has developed to become a professional leasing institution with most influential brand in China, which has achieved "AAA" debt and main credit rating appraised by professional credit rating agencies which are approved by the People's Bank of China, and received the laurels of “Annual Best Financial Leasing Company” for a number of successive years in the appraisal and election of China Financial Institutions Gold Medal List organized jointly by the "Financial News" and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and other honors awarded by a number of institutions, obtaining wide recognition from all circles of the society.

                    With “leading the development of the industry, creating value for customers and growing together with employees” as the mission, Minsheng Financial Leasing will continue to improve market competitive advantage and to cultivate the ability of sustainable development, and strive to become a leading bank financial leasing company with distinctive characteristics of internationalization and specialization in the world.
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