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                    Transaction in assets

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                    Financial assets and entity assets management. It launches its business first in first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, and then extends to dozens of cities and area, with the area under its management beyond millions of square meters.

                    Target customer

                    Mainly financial institutions (including financial leasing enterprises),and banks, security companies, insurance companies and other financial institutions as well.

                    Business characteristics
                    Transaction in assets: provide products, transaction model design and innovation, activate stock assets, and carry out leasing-based leasing assets transaction.
                    Fixed-income instrument: carry out a variety of fixed-income instrument and make investment in fixed-income instrument such as bank financial products, public offering fund and customized products, by utilizing various securities and monetary market tools.
                    Investment-based business. Adopt investment-based product design (public offering, private offering, and off balance sheet financial products) and utilize capital market to promote structural arrangement such as leasing asset securitization, to enrich the category of investors.
                    Classical cases
                    • 22.022016

                      Accomplishes the transferring of packaged stock asset with different remaining terms and of different industrial sectors, together with other financial leasing companies; increase ...
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