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                    At the recently held China Air Finance Development (DFTP) Summit, Chairman Zhou Wei along with deputy-mayor of Tianjing Yan Qingmin, member of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences academician committee and China Financial Leasing 30 Person Forum (CFL30) Academic Committee Chairman Li Yang, and HNA Capital Executive Chairman Liu Xiaoyong jointly inaugurated the Research Institute of Financial Leasing 30 Person Forum (Tianjin).

                    At the inauguration ceremony, Chairman Zhou Wei stated that the founding of the research institute marks a brand new journey for CFL30. In addition to its role as a think-tank, CFL30 will also lead the way for a healthy and steady development of the entire industry through its strong power of influence in the financial leasing industry.

                    The establishment of the CFL30 Research Institute symbolizes that the financial leasing industry of China is entering a new phase of development. As a think-tank, the CFL30 Research Institute will both service enterprises on the micro level and servicing policy making on the macro level, simultaneously driving China’s financial leasing industry towards the world stage.

                    Minsheng Financial Leasing has committed to building industry leading think-tank for the financial leasing industry of China, and continually searched for break-through points in policy research for new financial field and talent cultivation. As early as 2014, MSFL partnered with over 20 organizations such as the Financial Times to launch the China Financial Leasing Research Institute in Beijing. March of this year, MSFL has also collaborated with Tianjin Financial Asset Exchange and other financial institutions to jointly form the Northern New Financial Research Institute.  

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