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                    NIFD's “100-Enterprise” Survey at MFL

                    Time:2018-06-06 Pageviews: Print Font size:AAA
                    On June 6, Li Yang, Director-General of National Institution for Finance & Development (NIFD), Qian Xuening, Deputy Director of CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) Industrial and Financial Research Base, Wang Zengwu, Director of NIFG Research Center for Wealth Management, and Fan Lijun, Secretary-General of NIFD etc conducted an on-site interview at Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.(MFL) in the “100-enterprise” research work. The participants of MFL includes Zhou Wei, Chairman of, Wan Xiaofang, President of, Wu Zhiying, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of, and Zhao Xiaochuan, Chief Analyst of MFL, as well as the heads of responsible departments of MFL, such as Department of Ships Leasing, Department of Aircrafts Leasing, Department of Vehicles Leasing, Department of Equipment Leasing, and Department of Assets Trading, Department of Financial Management, and Department of Business Planning etc.

                    The “100-city, 100-county and 100-enterprise” survey is a series of large-sized programs initiated by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC to celebrate the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up. Among them, the “100-enterprise” survey focuses in-depth research on the typical and representative enterprises in China in order to fully understand the development history and current situation of growth, reform and progress of enterprises in the process of reform and opening up.

                    This time, NIFD is responsible for survey of 4 enterprises, and MFL, as a representative one in the financial leasing industry, is one of the enterprises to be investigated. The Survey Team enquired in detail about the development history, operation situation, business progress, strategic layout in future and other details of MFL, and gave full affirmation of the achievements made by MFL in the past decade. As for the interview with departments, the heads of MFL's responsible departments respectively detailed the efforts and achievements of MFL to the Survey Team in the aspects of responding the national development strategy and supporting the development of real economy, etc.

                    As one of the first five bank-backed financial leasing companies, MFL built the core strategic sectors with distinctive features, including aircrafts leasing, ships leasing and vehicles leasing etc in the past decade, and realized effective docking between leasing and real economy, playing a positive role in supporting the development of China’s real economy.

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