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                    On November 28, the 5th Global Leasing Industry Competitiveness Forum 2018, sponsored by Chinese Finance Leasing 30-Person Forum and supported by Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port Area Administration Committee, was officially opened in Tianjin Shangri-La Hotel. More than 100 guests, including Tianjin Vice Mayor Kang Yi, Chairman of Chinese Finance Leasing 30-Person Forum Yang Kaisheng, Party Secretary and President of China Minsheng Bank Zheng Wanchun, Party Secretary and Director of Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port Area Administration Committee Shen Lei, internationally renowned leasing expert Sudhir P. Amembal, Chairman Zhou Wei and President Wan Xiaofang of Minsheng Finance Leasing Co., Ltd., attended the meeting. Zheng, Party Secretary and President of China Minsheng Bank, attended the opening ceremony of the Forum and delivered the keynote speech "Financial Industry Should Firmly Support the Development of Private Enterprises".

                    Zheng pointed out that private enterprises have become the most dynamic, potential, creative and growing market subject in Chinese economy after four decades of reform and opening up. Meanwhile, the financial service and the private economy have walked hand in hand and co-existed and promoted each other, thereby playing an important role in the growth of the private economy. For the support of private enterprises moving towards a more broad stage, Zheng said that financial institutions should be duty-bound to persevere in precise supply and provide high-quality financial services to private enterprises through meticulous management such as hierarchical classification. During the discussion of how to better play the supporting role of finance in the growth of private enterprises, Zheng pointed out that the technical wings should be inserted into the development of private enterprises with the support of "technology + finance" and more financial integration equipment should be provided for the development of private enterprises through "collaborative operation", so that development momentum would be gathered to support private enterprises to practice their "internal skills" and the "external force" of financial leverage would be fully utilized to achieve key leaps. 

                    According to information, China Minsheng Bank is pushing forward the strategy of becoming into "Bank for Private Enterprises, Bank for Technology and Finance, and Bank for Integrated Services". In the process of serving private enterprises, China Minsheng Bank separately manages customers in the private enterprises according to three types: large, small and medium-sized and small and micro enterprises, and formulates different support policies. For large private enterprises, China Minsheng Bank has selected a list of 100 strategic private enterprises to provide exclusive services to them on a household-by-household basis, and especially in the fourth quarter of 2018, the special amount (30 billion yuan) of risk assets is further allocated to support the development of various assets business such as customer loans, off-balance sheet and bond investment of the strategic private enterprises. For small and medium-sized private enterprises, China Minsheng Bank has innovated the supply chain finance model according to its production and operation characteristics to provide batch services for upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain. In terms of serving small and micro private enterprises, China Minsheng Bank has been worked hard for ten years and has won the market reputation of "Looking at People's Livelihood through Small and Micro Private Enterprises".

                    Finally, Zheng said that among many financial forms, leasing has had unique advantages of relieving the financial pressure of private enterprises, helping enterprises to upgrade equipment and sustaining technical competitiveness due to characteristics of financing funds and assets. With its own characteristics, leasing and private enterprises will have greater space for cooperation in the future. In the 40th year of reform and opening up, he hopes that the banking industry, the leasing industry and even the entire financial industry will join hands to support China's private economy to create a brighter and better tomorrow with more confidence and more decisive actions. 

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