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                    Minsheng Financial Leasing Collaborative Platform at the stage of comprehensive promotion

                    Time:2016-06-01 Pageviews: Print Font size:AAA
                    A few days ago, Minsheng Financial Leasing (MFL) Collaborative Platform App (hereinafter referred to as "Collaborative Platform APP) developed predominantly by the Network Finance Department of the Company (MFL) was formally launched, and has been promoted successively for application in our company and CMBC (China Minsheng Banking Corp. Ltd.) widely, which is a significant measure to implement the requirement of “Strategic Synergy Enhancement Year” with the parent company CMBC and to ensure the effective implementation of the business collaboration of our company.
                    The Collaborative Platform App is designed to help the Company promote and publicize its products CMBC, and to build a platform of communication with CMBC. Through the APP, the customer managers of CMBS can achieve a detailed understanding of the key business, collaborative product information and product advantages of the Company (MFL) so as to in-depth develop the opportunities of cooperation, and also directly promote their business through the APP to realize the efficient docking of business. In order to promote the continuous development and dynamic management of the business, the Collaborative Platform APP will convey the relevant content of business information obtained to the background management department and personnel as soon as possible, achieving rapid linkage. In addition, the APP also with talent recommendation function can be utilized by the users for recommending professionals to the Company (MFL), which provides an information channel for our company (MFL) to recruit talented people.
                    In the future, the Company will combine with the actual business to further implement the complement and perfection of the Collaborative Platform APP’s functions and contents for the purpose of making it gradually become a comprehensive promotion and cooperation platform targeting the cooperative partners and other same business institutions according to the feedback and suggestions of users.
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