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                    The Company’s Midyear Business Meeting 2016

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                    On July 27, the midyear business meeting 2016 was held in the Company. In the meeting, the participants comprehensively summarized and summed up the work of the first half of this year, and arranged the deployment of key tasks in the second half year. Zhou Wei, Chairman of the Board, Liu Chaoyang, Chief Supervisor, Wan Xiaofang, President of the Company, Shen Hui, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Company and other leaders, middle-level cadres and employees of the Company attended the meeting. Among them, Qiao Kai, Vice President of the Company hosted the meeting.

                    In the meeting, the participants reviewed and assessed the Company’s liabilities, marketing work and risk issues of the first half of the year, and Shen Hui, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Company also made a speech on the work of the discipline inspection.

                    In the agenda of the afternoon, President Wan Xiaofang made the work report 2016 entitled "Comprehensive Promotion of Reform, Solid Transformation and Upgrading, Strengthening the New Starting Point of the Company". In the report, she fully affirmed the Company's operating management highlights of the first half of the year, deeply and carefully analyzed the problems and challenges existed in the current operating management, and implemented the deployment of the major work of the second half of the year. Based on the report, the Company is standing at the key turning point of strategic transformation and comprehensive reform with both challenges and opportunities. We should continue to carry forward the pragmatic solidarity, cooperation and enterprising spirit, overcome difficulties together to complete annual goals and tasks, building evergreen foundation for creating a new era of Minsheng Leasing.

                    Finally, Chairman Zhou Wei made a significant speech with a theme of "Focusing on Target to Promote Reform and Accelerate Regulation". He said that next the Company would focus on three major directions-- plane, ship and vehicle areas, on "One Body, Two Wings", and on resolution of non-performing assets and money-losing project. As for the focus on, Chairman Zhou pointed out to focus on resources firstly, to fully release the vitality of the mechanism and system secondly, and to seize the key point thirdly, with key breakthroughs for the key projects. In the aspect of promoting reform, we should grasp the three key points, namely market integration, management specialization and operational intensification, focus on breaking the ten major difficulties such as construction of operating lease system, channels, and salary incentives etc. As for acceleration of regulation, we should low down the assets of low income and zero earnings, non-performing assets and loss-making assets, cut down part of industrial business, and increase amount of delivery and asset transaction amount, doing addition for overseas assets business, vehicle business and operating lease business.

                    In the meeting, the evaluation and engagement ceremony for the first batch of professional technical sequence staff of the Company was also held to announce the labor competition results of “Sword 2016". In order to implement the requirements of regulation, Liu Xiaodong, the Chief Risk Officer and representatives of employees signed the “Compliance Responsibility of Staff”. After the meeting, the Company will also sign the “Compliance Responsibility of Staff” with all staff respectively to clear compliance management responsibility of each employee.

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