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                    Legal Statement
                    This Website (www.rickcarterradio.com) is owned by Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as “MSFL”). All visitors are asked to read the terms of usage carefully (hereafter referred to as “terms”) and agree to all the contents within this statement before accepting any service provided by this website.

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                    Statement of Exemption – All the information and materials contained in this website are objective, accurate and impartial. This website does not guarantee the marketability or suitability of any information herein. Neither does it make any promise with regard to the contents, functions, links or communication it provides (including defective communication, network disconnection, data loss, virus attack or any other unforeseeable factors).

                    Under no circumstances shall this company, or any company affiliated to or associated with it, be liable for any damage caused as a result of connecting to this website via any means, or being unable to visit this website, or using this website (including but not limited to browsing, downloading any documents, data, words, pictures or other materials).

                    Before using this website, all users are required to undertake a thorough evaluation of the accuracy, completeness, reliability and usability of any opinion, service or other information contained within this website. The information contained within this website is for reference only. The website is not liable for any consequence caused as a result of using or misusing the information contained within.

                    Usage Restriction – MSFL only grants the users the right to visit and use the words, pictures, sound, documents, links, source codes or other information contained in this website (hereafter referred to as “materials”). This restricted right only grants the users the right to browse and download the materials on the website for individual and non-commercial purposes, but not the right to transfer the ownership of these materials or any copy hereof.

                    You may:

                    Keep all the copyright and other proprietary statements contained in the original materials you have downloaded when you make copies thereof;

                    Not modify the materials in any way or re-make, publicly display, demonstrate, distribute or use these materials in any other way for public or commercial purposes.

                    Not transfer the materials to any third party unless you let the party know about the terms or the obligations in any other terms or conditions herein, and ensure that the party is in full agreement with these obligations.

                    Agree to observe all additional restrictions displayed on this website (subject to change at any time). All the material contained herein are copyrighted and are under the protection of the copyright laws and treaties globally. You shall not make copies of any material without prior authorization. Your authorization will be automatically terminated if you fail to observe the terms and conditions contained herein. Unless otherwise stated, you must destroy all the copies of the material you have downloaded or MSFL will terminate all authorizations previously granted to you.

                    Links to Other Websites – MSFL may provide links to other websites in this website. MSFL does not make any promise on the reliability of any third party website, to which this website provides a link. Nor shall MSFL be liable in terms of the contents or use of these websites.

                    Information Provided by Users – You are strongly recommended to exercise caution when you send confidential or proprietary information to MSFL through this website. Unless explicitly required by us, any information or materials you provide to MSFL will not be treated as confidential or proprietary.

                    For any such information or materials you provide to MSFL, you agree to authorize MSFL to use, re-make, display, publicly demonstrate, send or distribute such information and material. You also agree to authorize MSFL to use the ideas, concepts or techniques you provide to it free of charge. You shall not provide to MSFL any information or material that is slanderous, threatening, pornographic, harassing, or illegal. Nor shall you provide any information or materials that include proprietary information held by other people.

                    Notice: Any action by any person to deliberately bring disrepute to or disrupt the normal operation of this website may constitute a criminal or civil offense. This company reserves the right to claim damages to such persons.

                    Local Laws – MSFL manages and operates this website through its headquarters in Beijing, China. If you are visiting or using this website from places outside China, you are required to comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the country or region concerned.

                    Modification – MSFL reserves the discretional right to make modifications to these terms at any time. Any modification it makes shall become effective immediately. Your continuous use of this website is tantamount to an acceptance of these modifications.

                    MSFL may modify, pause, suspend or terminate the operation of this website at any time. Without prior notice or assuming any liability, MSFL may also place some restrictions on some functions or services in this website or restrain you from visiting part or the entire website. MSFL has the right to terminate the above authorization, right or permission, after which you shall destroy all material.
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